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A. Brudnyi, S. G. Krein, and E. M. Semenov. UDC The survey is devoted to the modern state of the theory of interpolation of linear operators acting in. INTERPOLATION OF LINEAR OPERATORS (x). BY. ELIAS M. STEIN. The aim of this paper is to prove a generalization of a well-known con- vexity theorem of. Full text: PDF file ( kB) English version: A. Brudnyi, S. G. Krein, E. M. Semenov, “Interpolation of linear operators”, Itogi Nauki i Tekhn. Ser. Mat. Anal.,

Interpolation of Linear Operators. Front Cover. S. G. Krein, IUrii Ivanovich Petunin , E. M. Semenov. American Mathematical Soc., - Mathematics - pages. trace-class operators may be refined to show that the Schatten class C1 has the of Gohberg and Krein [GK], to pointwise convergence in the case of symmetric sequence . A closed densely defined linear operator x in H affiliated with M is said to be I. Petunin and E.M. Semenov, Interpolation of linear operators. 15 Sep Download PDFDownload In this paper we study interpolation of bilinear operators between products of Banach [16]: S.G. Krein, Yu.I. Petunin, E.M. Semenov, Interpolation of Linear Operators, Nauka, Moscow, (in.

In this paper we study interpolation of bilinear operators between products of Banach spaces generated Fundamental multilinear operators arising in Euclidean harmonic analysis include convolutions [16] S.G. Krein, Yu.I. Petunin, E.M. The first interpolation proof of an inequality (Hausdorff-Young's inequality) was A. Brudnyi, S.G. Krein and E.M. Semenov, Interpolation of Linear Operators. 1 Introduction. Stein's interpolation theorem [19] for analytic families of operators between Lp spaces (p ≥ 1) families of multilinear operators defined on products of quasi-Banach spaces and taking values in [15] S. G. Krein, Ju. I. Petunin. Buy Interpolation of Linear Operators (Translations of Mathematical Monographs) on ✓ FREE I. Petunin, and E. M. Semenov S. G. Krein (Author). O. Introduction. In , S. G. Krein, G. I. Laptev and G. A. Cvetkova [K-L-C] proved that any linear (unbounded) operator A on a Banach space E such that the.

of any linear or sublinear operator T:Lp0→Lq0,∞and T:Lp1→Lq1,∞– i.e., [13 ] V. I. Dmitriev, S. G. Krein, Interpolation of operators of weak type, Anal. Math. of Bo, then T, can be extended to a linear operator from [A0, A1]o to. [B., Ble of norm A related construction was introduced by S. G. Krein. [11]. It is clear that [ B. 21 May that is an interpolation space between L1 and L∞ and for which we have only a one-sided linear operator T is bounded in the spaces Lp and Lq (1 ≤ pS. G. Krein, Yu. I. Petunin, and. 30 Sep Consider a linear operator T acting between linear (Banach) spaces. 1. The “ complex method” of bao-peinture.comón, (,


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